Plausible Denial

Mark Lane


Hardcover book. 393 pages
ISBN: 1560250003
Stock Number: 0158

In this meticulously documented and persuasively written work, noted civil liberties attorney Mark Lane presents new evidence – and a dramatic verdict – indicating that the Central Intelligence Agency organized the assassination of President John Kennedy. Adds substantially to Rush to Judgment, Lane’s best-selling critique of the Warren Commission investigation.

With full color dust jacket, and index.

L. Fletcher Prouty, former chief of the Office of Special Operations in charge of military support of clandestine operations of the CIA, has said: ”It has been clearly evident for years that the American public, and the people of the world, do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy… Mark Lane, author of this book and of the bestseller Rush to Judgment, is one of the few who have been able to tear aside this curtain of lies to reveal the hidden elements of the true story.”

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