Reconstruction Trilogy

Thomas Dixon, Jr.


Softcover, 550 pages
ISBN: 0939482487
Stock Number: 0290

The epic that inspired the film classic Birth of a Nation! These three gripping historical novels on the beaten South's bitter "Reconstruction" years chronicle the birth of the first Ku Klux Klan; they helped give rise to the second. Published together for the first time in this magnificent volume are three classics: The Leopard's Spots, the story of Yankee oppression in the occupied South (1865-1900); The Clansman, on white resistance to tyranny and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan; and The Traitor, which traces the Klan's fall. Born of the author's own experience, the work captures all the poignancy of the tragic post-Civil War era in the South, and all the passion with which its despoiled and disenfranchised people rose up to reclaim their rights and safeguard their heritage. No popular work has addressed America's race problem with more searing frankness. You'll marvel at the parallels between the efforts in the 1860s and 1870s of money-hungry Yankee capitalists and earnest, misguided do-gooders to throttle white Southerners, and today's still-unfolding drama of American racial politics. Long out of print, now completely reset in a modern, easy to read typeface. A new preface by attorney Sam Dickson tells of the author's life and times, including his collaboration with famed director D. W. Griffith in the making of the enduring American film classic Birth of a Nation.

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