Immigration Invasion

Wayne Lutton and John Tanton


Softcover, 190 pages
ISBN: n/a
Stock Number: 0289

Public opinion polls show that Americans want immigration brought under control. As the authors of this readable, fact-packed book persuasively establish, the public has every right to be concerned: Immigrants are increasingly a burden to local, state, and federal taxpayers; More aliens are arriving in the US than new jobs are being created; Criminal aliens account for more than 25 percent of the US federal prison population; America's refugee and asylum laws are being abused; Uncontrolled immigration is altering, and distorting, America's political life.

"For the next generation," warns former US Senator Eugene McCarthy in the foreword, "controlling immigration will be one of the main challenges facing all the industrial nations... I recommend study of the immigration issue and of this thoughtful book to all Americans."

  • Model: 0289

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