Race and Reason

Carlton Putnam


Softcover, 134 pages
ISBN: 0965638367
Stock Number: 0130

One of the clearest, most persuasive accounts ever written of the importance of race differences for American society. Back in print! Putnam’s Race and Reason was tremendously influential when it first appeared in 1961, and its insights are as fresh and penetrating as ever. Reasoned, authoritative, and compellingly argued, this crisp new edition includes a preface by Jared Taylor.

Putnam explores the dangerous misguided ideology behind the Supreme Court's fateful 1954 “Brown v. Board of Education” desegregation decision. Race and Reason was made part of the high school curricula in Mississippi and Virginia, and Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi declared October 26, 1961, “Race and Reason Day.”

“I urge thoughtful citizens to read Putnam’s analysis and, in keeping with constitutional principles of freedom of speech and press, to provoke public debate between the unpopular ideas he presents and those currently popular.” -- William Shockley, Nobel Laureate

“No one did more to combat the racial folly of the 1960s than Carlton Putnam. Although he has been written out of the history books, history has nevertheless proven him right on all counts.” -- Jared Taylor

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