Race and the American Prospect (Hardcover)

Samuel Francis, editor


Hardcover book. 446 pages
ISBN: 097798821X
Stock Number: 0551

This important book is a solid and courageous debunking of many entrenched myths about race. Fourteen outstanding writers, including leading experts on race and ethnicity, unmask the dangerous fallacies of the prevailing racial egalitarianism orthodoxy, and show the ominous long-term implications of America’s “multiculturalism” and “diversity” policies.

These gifted writers establish, with sensitivity but without apology, that biological and racial differences are not a myth or a social invention. They show that racial realities have profoundly shaped virtually every aspect of America’s political, social, economic and cultural character – and they will continue to do so in the future. They puncture “politically correct,” but scientifically false and socially suicidal myths about race.

Edited by the late Samuel Francis, an award-winning national commentator, this is an important work for every American who cares about the nation’s future.

With dust jacket, index, and source references.

The well-crafted, authoritative essays in this book include: “The Reality of Race,” by Kevin Lamb, “The Racial Revolution,” by Jared Taylor, “Racial Differences in Intelligence, Personality and Behavior,” by Prof. Richard Lynn, “Immigration and Race,” by Dr. Wayne Lutton, and, “Jews, Blacks and Race,” by Prof. Kevin MacDonald.

“This is one of those books you don’t want to put down,” says Andrew Fraser, an associate professor at Macquarie University. “Buy an extra copy for family members or friends who need a powerful and persuasive introduction to the problems posed by race and racial differences everywhere in the modern West. Even the cognoscenti will discover a rich new source of fascinating insights and perspectives in this remarkable book.”

Also available in softcover.

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