The Unspoken Truth: Race, Culture and Other Taboos

Frank Borzellieri


Softcover book. 197 pages
ISBN: 0965638316
Stock Number: 0298

Boldly defying prevailing taboos, Frank Borzellieri -- journalist, columnist and elected school board member (Queens, New York) -- takes a bracing, no-holds-barred look at the critical issues of race and culture. "Race is America's eternal cross," he writes. "It is the most dishonestly discussed topic in American society ... There is no issue in American society on which public statements differ so much from private opinions."

In this well researched collection of essays, Borzellieri convincingly tackles: race and the right of free speech; The myth of integration; affirmative action: discrimination against whites; multicultural madness; why diversity is our weakness; the lunacy of anti-discrimination laws; gun control and other forms of tyranny; and, the disastrous impact of Third World immigration. "With just a few more men like Frank Borzellieri," writes Jared Taylor in his foreword, "we can turn this country back ... Borzellieri and untruth are incompatible, and when he sees the nonsense that passes for today's political wisdom he cannot sit idly by."

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