Face to Face With Race

Jared Taylor, editor


Softcover book. 212 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-0983891024
Stock Number: 0132

This is a book about the reality of race in America. In this collection of 14 essays, ordinary white Americans provide first-person accounts of how race actually plays out in day-to-day life. They relate their personal experiences in dealing with Blacks (mostly) and Hispanics. This readable book vividly addresses the effects of forced diversity in schools, the military, construction trades, public safety and neighborhoods, and in prisons.

As Jared Taylor writes in his introduction to this collection, anecdotes sometimes offer insights that statistics cannot. This book, writes social commentator and author John Derbyshire, “offers a glimpse into the dark reality behind the happy slogans of `diversity’ and `inclusiveness,’ as beleaguered whites cope as best they can with the foolish, poisonous, and occasionally lethal policies imposed on them by judges and politicians.”

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