Facing Reality in American Education: Why the Racial Gap in Educational Achievement Persists

Robert J. Walters


Softcover book. 282 pages.
ISBN: 978-1-68254-251-4
Stock Number: 0138

Over the past 50 years politicians and educators have tried many programs to close the racial gap in American educational achievement. These have included vouchers, adding more teachers, the “No Child Left Behind” Act,” and the “Common Core Standards Initiative.” But none of these expensive and burdensome programs has worked. In spite of great effort and vast sums of money, Black and Latino students continue to lag behind White and East Asian students. Why?

In this new book, a California businessman who has devoted years of research and thought to this question provides an answer, and a solution.

Taking a close look at these often well-intentioned efforts, Robert Walters shows that they all failed because they have been based on the false premise that student achievement is due entirely to socialization, upbringing and environment.

He assembles impressive and compelling evidence from a wide range of reputable sources to show that success in academic life, like achievement in other areas, is significantly set by heredity. Politicians of both major parties, along with prominent educators, are in denial about biological reality.

This book has earned praise from Kevin MacDonald, a retired professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach. “This is a very readable, well-researched book,” says MacDonald, “that provides a much needed corrective to the liberal/left zeitgeist that unfortunately dominates the intellectual and moral high ground throughout the West.”

Rather than continuing to pursue the fantasy of preparing all young Americans for college or university, the author quite reasonably proposes that those who are not able to succeed in a rigorous academic program should be trained for other positions that are needed in today’s economy (and which are often very well paid!) -- plumbers, electricians, machinery operators, computer technicians, and so forth. Academic learning is not for everyone, nor should it be.

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