Which Way Western Man?

William Gayley Simpson


Softcover book. 1062 pages.
ISBN: 0-937944-16-5
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This handsome and source referenced volume of more than a thousand pages is the product of the author’s life-long quest for understanding and truth. It is the result of many years of keen observation, study, and careful thought by a man of extraordinary honesty, intelligence and sensitivity.

Af­ter graduating with high honors from a major theological sem­inary, the author became a Franciscan brother. Determined to live the simple Christian life preached by Jesus, he lived and worked for a time among the poor and dis­enfranchised. His experiences and his years of study, includ­ing immersion in the wisdom of the great thinkers of the past, ultimately led him to conclude that the most noble goal of enlightened mankind is to strive for ever-greater human ex­cellence and quality.

William Galey Simpson (1892- 1991) researched, compiled and wrote much of the material for this book during the 1930s and 40s, and revised a substantial portion of it in the 1970s.

In this book, he tackles such critical issues as the social roles of men and women, Jesus and his teachings, race, marriage, eugenics, the essential foundations of a sound so­ciety, pacifism, and much more. He boldly and critically examines the basic, underlying ideological premises on which contemporary American society operates. Only a society that operates on the basis of principles rooted in biological and historical reality, he says, will survive, or deserves to.

In an introductory note, “To My Reader,” Simpson writes:

“You may find in this book ideas or ideals that at first hearing strike you as abhorrent. They may clash with what you have long believed to represent the highest in human experi­ence, or cherish as too holy to be questioned. Or you may find yourself chilled by conclusions that I reach or remedies that I press that you think too drastic. But I would remind you that the disintegration of our whole society is so far ad­vanced, that the time allowed us for action is short, and that the peril hanging over us is fearsome. Extreme emergencies may require extreme measures. Our need is for men of the courage and independence of mind to set aside all taboos, men who will search and reassess the entire experience of our people with discernment and with insight, and will then have the resolu­tion and the dedication to apply to the solution of our prob­lems all the light and the fullest wisdom to which their search has led them, even though it cost them their lives.”

In the view of Revilo Oliver, professor of classics at the University of Illinois, Which Way Western Man? is “a veritable encyclopaedia of everything that is directly pertinent to our race's position in the world today." Dr. William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance, called it “a survival manual for the White race.”

Another reviewer calls this a “life-changing book.” It is, he writes, “more than just a work of history, philosophy, and science, although it is all of that -- it is also the story of a life, the life of an unusually sensitive and compassionate man, a man who could understand the mission of St. Francis as well as that of Ni­etzsche -- a man who could see our position in the universe and relate it to the ordinary reader in a way that no other writer has ever done. I recommend Which Way Western Man? with my highest commendation.”

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