The Myth of German Villainy

Benton Bradberry


Softcover book. 443 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-3183-8
Stock Number: 0504

This book examines how Germany has for many years been mischaracterized as the great “villain” nation of modern history. But as the author explains here in careful detail, the facts do not support this portrayal. This important, eye-opening book debunks a range of familiar, often-repeated myths about German aggression, cruelty and evil. In fact, the author contends, Germany was more a victim than a perpetrator in both World War I and II.

According to the prevailing portrayal of twentieth century history, Germany is guilty of starting both world wars. During those two global conflicts, the author shows, hostile governments invented and promoted fantastic atrocity stories about Germany as part of a vast hate campaign in support of war. Even after the end of fighting in 1945, an energetic “Holocaust" propaganda campaign further solidified this image of German wickedness.

The destruction and chaos wrought by World War I made possible the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. The fervent Marxists who took power there imposed a brutal tyranny, and organized a Moscow-directed propaganda and military campaign to spread Soviet rule across Europe. In Germany, Hitler recognized this existential Soviet threat to Western, Christian civilization. After taking power, he and his National Socialist movement acted swiftly and resolutely to root out Marxist political and cultural influence in Germany, and they went on to make the country a bulwark against Communist expansion. But in Britain and the US, political leaders regarded Soviet Russia very differently, and during World War II they embraced the Stalinist regime as a trusted ally in the campaign to destroy Germany. The consequences for Western civilization have been disastrous. Indeed, the author contends, the US and Britain should have joined with Hitler’s Germany against Stalinist Russia.

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