America's Second Crusade

William Henry Chamberlin


Softcover. 400 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-86597-707-5
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An award-wining American journalist and historian takes a close, critical look at the origins, course and consequences of the US role in World War II. In this lucid and well-researched survey, he examines President Roosevelt’s illegal efforts to push the US into war, the hidden background story of the Pearl Harbor attack, United States betrayal of its proclaimed principles, America’s wartime alliance with the Stalinist Russia, the British-American stab in the back of Poland, the hypocrisy and injustice of the Nuremberg trials, and more. With bibliography and index.

The great American historian scholar Harry Elmer Barnes praised this book as “the ablest revisionist study of the background, course and results of the Second World War. It will long remain the best survey for the general reader."

Chamberlin opens America's Second Crusade with the words: "Americans, more than any other people, have been inclined to interpret their involvement in the two great wars of the twentieth century in terms of crusades for righteousness." In the pages that follow, he deftly and devastatingly tears apart the folly of such arrogance. He exposes the mendacity of American leaders such as Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, the fraud of the Nuremberg trials, and the hypocrisy and bad faith of the Allied leaders in their Second World War "crusade."

Chamberlin concludes the work with these words: "The point of view set forth in this book will challenge powerful intellectual and emotional interests, but the iron logic of facts will, I believe, confirm these interpretations with the passing of time.”

William Henry Chamberlin (1897-1969) served as Moscow correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor from 1922 to 1934. He wrote several books about Soviet society, economic life, and politics. Probably his most important scholarly work is The Russia Revolution: 1917-1921. (For more about his life, work and impact, see “William Chamberlin: A Man Ahead of His Time.”)

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