Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden

David Irving


Hardcover book. 320 pages
ISBN: 1-872197-18-3
Stock Number: 0807

Mass killing and terrorism were the sole objectives of the horrific February 1945 Allied air attack on Dresden, which British diplomat and author Harold Nicolson called "the single greatest holocaust by war." Some 2,000 British and American bombers took part in the devastating raid on an undefended city packed with hundreds of thousands of women and children fleeing ad­vancing Soviet forces. One of Europe's great cultural and ar­chitectural treasures, this beautiful German city had no importance as a military target.

Here is the full story -- from the perspectives of both per­petrators and victims -- of the horrific firestorm raid that took the lives of up to a hundred thousand innocent civilians, perhaps more, who were burned alive, suffocated or succumbed to poisonous fumes.

Originally serialized in the London Sunday Tele­graph, this is the best-selling book that launched Irving's career as a world-renowned historian. Using official papers, private records, and the accounts of eye-witnesses on both sides, Irving gives a harrowing account of the two saturation bombing raids, as well as the background story and the historical-political context.

With many rare wartime photographs, including many in color, this handsome and thoroughly revised and updated edition is based on more than three decades of research.

Hardcover book, with dust jacket, photos, maps, source and reference notes, and index.

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