Barnes Against the Blackout: Essays Against Interventionism

Harry Elmer Barnes


Softcover, 347 pages
ISBN: 0-939484-3
Stock Number: 0957

An outstanding American historian is at his best in these passionate and well-reasoned essays and reviews on the Second World War, and on the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union that soon followed. Professor Barnes takes aim at the writings of “establishment” historians on the causes, conduct, and results of America's “crusade” against Germany and Japan. He presents stern assessments of the widely accepted accounts of Williams Shirer, Walter Millis and others, which laid the groundwork for today's wrongheaded history. Barnes also brilliantly reviews such revisionist writings as A. J. P. Taylor's Origins of the Second World War and David Hoggan’s Forced War (Erzwungene Krieg). These revisionist “Essays against Interventionism” were aimed at the US march toward global embroilment and a “new world order” based on alarmist propaganda.

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