Churchill's War: The Struggle for Power; Special Signed Edition

David Irving


Hardcover Book, 675 pages
ISBN: 0947117563
Stock Number: 0679

Fine quality, autographed copy of limited first edition of a brilliant, important book by a best-selling British historian. In pristine condition. Boxed in a handsome dark brown faux leather slip case.

This special printing of the first edition (1987) is limited to one thousand numbered copies, of which this is number 370. The author’s signature is in bold blue ink.

This first volume of Churchill’s War covers the British leader’s pre-war struggle for power in the mid- and late-1930s, and the first years of war to June 1941 when Germany struck against Soviet Russia. With numerous photos, source notes, and index.

Based on a wealth of hitherto neglected or suppressed information, historian David Irving provides a startling portrait of the great British statesman. The man who emerges from these pages is a power-hungry leader who prolonged the war to advance his own career. Irving reveals a cunning politician beholden to alien interests and intoxicated with war, and details his fascinating intrigues and deceptions before and during World War II.

This is a meticulous debunking of the carefully constructed image of the great British leader who destroyed two empires, one of them the enemy's. While affirming Churchill's genius, aptitude and eloquence, Irving also details his cynicism, brutality, deceit and callousness.

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