Jailing Opinions

Michele Renouf


DVD video disc. 116 minutes.
Stock Number: D118

This vivid documentary unmasks the injustice of the “Holocaust denial” laws by which many Europeans have been imprisoned, fined and forced into exile for peaceful expressions of dissident views about World War II history. Details the outrageous character of the laws in Germany, France, Switzerland, and several other European states that criminalize free historical inquiry and expression.

A great introduction to a vitally important issue. Produced by Michele, Lady Renouf, an international advertising actress.

A three-part video. The first part, “Illegal Opinions,” provides an overview of the topic, with remarks by the producer at a meeting in Denmark. Part two, “Freedom of Speech,” is a fact-filled presentation by British writer Richard Edmonds. Part three, “Heresy Trials,” is a detailed report on the November 2005 arrest of British historian David Irving in Austria, and his much-publicized February 2006 trial in Vienna. An Austrian court sentenced Irving to three years in prison for remarks made 16 years earlier. The sentence was widely condemned by scholars and leading newspapers around the world.

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