Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Softcover book, 139 pages
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Since it was first published more than a century ago, The Protocols has shocked and fascinated the world. It has appeared in countless editions in every major language, flourishing in spite of ceaseless efforts to dismiss, ridicule and suppress it. This secret guide seems to explain how a small group of initiated Jews, the “Elders,” can gain power over the world’s non-Jewish peoples, the “goyim.”

This attractive, completely reset new edition includes photographs and a valuable introduction that explains the origins, background and enduring impact of this extraordinary work.

Much of the reason for the work’s enduring popularity and impact is that the conspiracy it outlines seems to be more dangerous than ever. Even many who might not accept The Protocols as an authentic document nonetheless regard it as a sobering validation of Jewish methods and goals.

Is this really the secret outline of a diabolical Jewish plot to control the world? Or is this infamous best-seller a fraud, as its detractors insist? It is offered here ca­veat lector. Decide for yourself.

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