A to Zion: The Definitive Israeli Lexicon

Gilad Atzmon


Softcover book. 104 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0993183706
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This easily readable book is a satirical, wryly humorous and thought-provoking “dictionary” of Israeli-Jewish terms and concepts.

A few of the many definitions: “Catch 22 -- free ham; Historian – a person who helps us conceal our past; Hitler – he believed in chosenness; Jesus – he wanted us to love our neighbors, funny; Jewish mother -- Just like a Jewish father but with balls; Left, the – the middle class people who know what is right for the working class. Good for the Jews; Media – the contemporary means of our intellectual, spiritual and political indoctrination; Old Testament – more violent than Tarantino’s films; Water -- is vital for all known forms of life except Palestinians.”

About 30 colorful graphic illustrations or drawings accompany the many alphabetically organized definitions. The artist, Enzo Apicella, is an Italian–born cartoonist and interior designer of international stature.

The text is by Gilad Atzmon, who is known both as a gifted and acclaimed musician, and as a provocative and influential author.

Another book by Atzmon, The Wandering Who? -- a study of Jewish identity politics and contemporary Jewish ideology – has been something of a best-seller, and has appeared in ten languages.

Born and raised in Israel, Gilad Atzmon is now a British citizen. He lives in London. He has recorded and performed with an impressive array of outstanding artists and groups. Over the years Gilad Atzmon has recorded 15 albums. In 2003 his album Exile was the BBC jazz album of the year.

He is also a shrewd and biting commentator on political matters, social issues, Jewish identity, Zionism and cultural life. His essays have appeared in periodicals and websites around the world, and as a commentator, he has appeared as a guest on television and radio around the world. His two novels, Guide to the Perplexed, and, My One And Only Love, have been translated into 24 languages.

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