'For Fear of the Jews' (DVD Video)

Joseph Sobran


DVD video disc. 56 minutes
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Noted author and syndicated columnist Joseph Sobran deftly dissects the Zi­onist state’s familiar pretensions, provides a stinging critique of the US-Israel “special relationship," and explains how the Holo­caust story is used to justify support for Israel. Sobran is in top form in this witty, stimulating banquet address at the 14th IHR Conference (June 2002).

Sobran also praises the IHR’s Journal of Historical Review for its “calm virtue of critical rationality.” And after referring to IHR director Mark Weber as a “polite, good-humored, scholarly man,” he remarks: “If they can’t tell the truth about ‘Holocaust deniers,’ how can they tell the truth about ‘the Holocaust’ itself?”

Acknowledging that he is not a specialist of “the Holocaust,” Sobran says that he does not consider himself either a “Holocaust denier” or a “Holocaust affirmer.” Instead, he says, he is a “Holocaust stipulator.” During the question and answer period he speaks about his years-long relationship with National Review and its publisher William Buckley, and about how the influential magazine has changed radically over the decades.

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