American Christians, Israel and Zionism (Audio CD)

Charles Carlson


Audio CD. 51 minutes
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Why do so many American Christians support Israel and its anti-Christian policies? The director of the “We Hold These Truths” center tackles this important issue in an eloquent and informative address to the Sacramento IHR Conference, April 2004. He begins with a report on his visit to the Zionist-occupied Gaza region of Palestine, and vividly portrays the grim reality of day-to-day life in the densely-populated region, including a description of murderous raids by Israeli helicopter gun ships.

Carlson strongly criticizes the pro-Zionist attitude of many evangelical Christian leaders in the US – a view, he says, that is contrary to traditional Christian teachings. He describes his visit to a Baptist church in Gaza, pointing out that by supporting Israel, pro-Zionist Christians contribute to the brutal oppression of fellow Christians in occupied Palestine. An important factor contributing to the pro-Israel sympathies of evangelical Christians, says Carlson, has been the profound influence of the Scofield Reference Bible, a version of the scrip­tures with strongly pro-Zionist commentary. In the decades since its first publication in 1908, the Scofield Bible has been widely used in American churches and seminaries.

Also available as a DVD Video.

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