Myth, Terrorism and Taboo (DVD Video)

Mark Green, Jeff Blankfort, and


DVD Video, 59 minutes
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Highlights from stimulating guest appearances on the television show “Flashpoint,” with host Mark Green. Insightful, hard-hitting perspectives on the US-Israel relationship and the Middle East. Jeff Blankfort, a Jewish author and journalist, says that Jewish “anti-Arab racism” and “the Holocaust” are important reasons why many leftist Jews are silent about Israel’s policies. Pro-Israel Jews, he says, own or control the US media, and the Zionist lobby has its tentacles on Congress.

Stephen Zunes, a Jewish critic of Zionism and Israel, explains how and why the US has for years supported a “belligerent” Israel. Wendy Campbell, human rights activist, speaks about the oppressive “apartheid” character of Zionist Israel. Bradley R. Smith, director of the “Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust,” says that “the Holocaust” is used to legitimize the Zionist takeover of Palestine. Richard D. Hecht, a Jewish professor, defends Israel and the US-Israel alliance.

Other guests include: scholar Ivan Eland, who speaks about the role of the pro-Israel lobby in the US; Mark Gery, who provides perspective on the Iraq war; and, David Neunuebel, an activist with “Americans for a Just Peace in the Middle East.” Also includes portions of a debate on Israel and US-Israel relations between former US Congressman Pete McCloskey, and Meir Kahane, Jewish activist and fervent Zionist.

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