The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is It? (DVD Video)

Mark Weber


DVD Video, 101 minutes
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A thoughtful, memorable address by historian Mark Weber at the University of Oregon (Eugene). He is introduced by retired professor Orval Etter, founder of Pacifica Forum, the campus public affairs discussion group that organized the meeting. Weber’s Nov. 3, 2007, appearance generated wide media attention, and prompted a protest demonstration.

Awareness of the role and impact of the Israel lobby is growing everywhere, says Weber. A major contributing factor has been the publication of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, an important book by professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer. “I challenge any caring American,” says Weber,” to read this book without feeling shame over the leadership of this country, and disgust over the immorality and corruption of the compliant politicians of both major parties.”

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