Gold in the Furnace: Experiences in Post-War Germany

Savitri Devi


Softcover book, 315 pages
ISBN: 0-9746264-4-9
Stock Number: 0122

A vivid and moving account of life in occupied Germany in the aftermath of World War II, based on extensive travels and interviews conducted in 1948 and 1949.

This valuable work by an ardent, unapologetic admirer of Hitler is a scathing review and indictment of Allied oppression and brutality, including the killings of millions of German civilians in Allied firebombings, in postwar concentration camps and slave labor camps, and in horrible mass expulsions. Also chronicles the systematic plunder of Germany by the victorious Allies.

The author presents in some detail the basic philosophy and the constructive political program of National Socialism. With passion, she tells of the many Germans who still revered their Fuehrer and National Socialism, in spite of suffering, occupation, persecution and martyrdom.

This handsome, superbly edited high-quality edition is printed in smyth-sewn signatures on heavy, acid-free paper.

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