Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich

David Irving


Hardcover book. 730 pages
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Back in print!: An outstanding historian’s much-sought biography of Joseph Goebbels, the extraordinary man who was Hitler's close confidant and trusted colleague.

Once again available, this 2014 edition is the best quality one ever, with many new photographs. You'll treasure this sumptuous hardcover masterpiece of more than 700 pages, with more than a hundred photos, many in full color. Also with dust jacket, detailed source and reference notes, and full index.

This stunning biography is the brilliant product of seasoned scholarship, patient research and gifted writing. The New York Times Book Review called it a "Rolls Royce" of a book, "filled with costly color photographs," written in "lively and compelling" prose.

At every turn of this masterful account, David Irving has built up his narrative solidly on the archival record, dispelling many legends about the Third Reich that have endured in the history books until today

The narrative accompanies Goebbels as an impoverished student in Heidelberg, his youthful years as an activist and organizer in Hitler’s rising National Socialist Party, his important role as a Reich Minister and as the chief publicist and spokesman for the Third Reich. Here are revelations about the infamous 1933 Reichstag Fire, the June 1934 “Night of the Long Knives,” the takeover of Prague in 1939, and other major historical events. Dr. Goebbels faithfully records Hitler's high-level discussions and conferences, documenting the hidden methods and strategies of the nation’s leadership.

This book sheds new light on the anti-Jewish “Kristallnacht” outburst in November 1938, the sharpening of anti-Jewish sentiment during the war years, the ever more stringent measures against Europe’s Jews, including large-scale deportations of Jews to the “East,” and the grim “Final Solution.”

Irving relates Goebbels’ efforts to maintain morale as enemy forces advance from East and West, and as Allied bombers relentlessly pound Germany’s cities into ruins in murderous air attacks.

In Britain’s Literary Review, critic George Stern wrote: “As with his books on Hitler and Göring, Irving tries to show how events looked to Goebbels. He is the first to use Goebbels' full diary, 75,000 pages, recently found in Moscow. He has interviewed many people, including surviving Nazis, and has used innumerable memoirs and diaries. The result is unique, as though Goebbels had a video recorder on his shoulder ... Irving supplies well over a hundred photographs, some as sharp and as colourful as if they were taken yesterday ... Irving's trademark research into original manuscripts is uniquely impressive.”

This book made headlines around the world when one of America's most prominent publishers -- succumbing to what the London Times called "prolonged protests from Jewish pressure groups” -- broke its contract and halted publication. Before it gave in to a vicious international campaign that included death threats, St. Martin's Press was praising Goebbels as "monumental in scope ... insightful... draws on masses of previously unpublished materials... masterful ... masterpiece of research as well as a compelling story ..."

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