Ich Kämpfe/ I Fight


National Socialist German Workers Party

Softcover book. Large format (8.3x9.5 ins.) 140 pages.
ISBN-10: 097005677X
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What did “the Nazis” really think and believe? The answer is in this handsome, richly illustrated facsimile reprint of the official National Socialist Party handbook, which was presented to each new member. Bilingual, with clear English-language translation of the entire text. Compiled and issued in 1943 by the Cultural Affairs Office of Third Reich Germany’s National Socialist Party.

Essays here include: Alfred Rosenberg on the National Socialist worldview, Dr. Goebbels on the "National Socialist Revolution," "Responsibilities of Party Members," and "The National Socialist Way of Life." Also includes a brief history of the Hitler movement, the official NS party program, a chronology of significant dates in the history of the NS movement, and much more. With dozens of memorable photographs.

This authentic document is a primary historical source. Its title is based on Hitler’s words from a 1934 speech in Nuremberg: “For those in the movement, the mere statement of conviction, 'I believe' is not enough – rather, the oath, 'I fight!'.” After World War II, Allied occupation authorities banned this book, and tried to destroy all copies of it.

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