Ernst Zundel's Ordeal in Canada (Audio CD)

Paul Fromm


Audio CD, 56 minutes
Stock Number: C201

Addressing the Sacramento IHR Conference, April 2004, the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression presents an informed and well-delivered review of the outrageous treatment of Ernst Zundel, the German-born civil rights activist and publicist who is held as a political prisoner. Zundel was arrested by US authorities on Feb. 5, 2003, at his home in Tennessee, and then deported to Canada, even though he is married to an American citizen. He was then held in solitary confinement in a Canadian prison, Fromm relates, without bail, on the empty pretext that he is a threat to national security. (Ultimately he was incarcerated in Canada for two years, until his deportation on March 1, 2005, to Germany, where he continued to be held as a “thought criminal.”) Fromm, a writer and educator who played an important role in Zundel’s defense, also humorously describes his harassment by Canadian authorities during border crossings.

Also available as a DVD Video.

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