Deciphering Jewish Intellectual Movements (DVD Video)

Kevin MacDonald


DVD Video, 59 minutes
Stock Number: D122

Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology and author of three books on Jewish group behavior, speaks with Mark Green, host of the “Flashpoint” television show. “Jewish intellectuals have advanced important intellectual movements throughout the twentieth century and beyond,” says MacDonald. These movements, which he says include Freudianism, Marxism, and the Frankfurt School, have been “covertly designed to advance specifically Jewish interests, often at the expense of larger, non-Jewish populations.” He also deals with the important Jewish role in Marxism/ Communism, and in neo-conservatism.

“Self-deception and rationalization are central elements of Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy,” says MacDonald. He also speaks about how Jews have worked to transform the racial-demographic character of the USA to make it more “multi-cultural” and less European. In this regard, he cites the important Jewish role in changing US immigration policy. “One of the constants of twentieth century Jewish intellectual movements has been to lessen the power of Europeans in America because Jews feel that that power represents a threat to them.”

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