Sinking Internet Censorship in Canada / Media Mischief, Anti-Semitism, and Moral Clarity (DVD Video)

Paul Fromm / Mark Green


DVD Video, 60 minutes
Stock Number: D180

First-rate talks by two seasoned speakers at an IHR meeting in southern California, May 2008.

Paul Fromm, speaking with verve and good humor, gives an upbeat report on the headline-making battle for on-line free speech in Canada. As director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, he has been at the forefront in the struggle against Canada’s repressive “Human Rights Act.” He’s defended Ernst Zundel, Marc Lemire and others who’ve been charged under the Act.

Mark Green deconstructs the term “Anti-Semitism,” showing how it is used as a political tool in our society, and explains why it’s important to resist the Zionist agenda. In his succinct talk, the one-time television talk-show host and editor-author of the book Persecution, Privilege and Power, explains why the dread label of “Anti-Semitism” is both inaccurate and bogus.

In our country’s intellectual and cultural life, says Green, “the major taboos still include non-conforming opinions about Israel-Palestine, the origins and experiences of World War II, and especially the Holocaust, and the root causes of Mideast 'terrorism'.” American media coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, he says, is biased and unbalanced, giving much more attention to deaths of Jews than of non-Jews. “This kind of reporting has real impact and real meaning: namely, that Jewish life should be considered more precious and most important to Americans than that of other ethnic groups.”

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