White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century

Jared Taylor


Softcover book, 330 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9656383-9-5.
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In this important new book, Jared Taylor takes a close probing look at our society’s conventional, accepted platitudes about race relations. Citing a mass of impressive data and evidence, and presenting his case with clear eyed reasoning, the author debunks the much propagandized mantra that “diversity” is a source of “strength.”

As Taylor shows, ethnically homogeneous societies, such as Japan and Iceland, are far more stable than ethnically diverse societies. Ethnically cohesive societies have less crime, more civic participation, and less internal strife and conflict.

In today’s America, non-white groups are permitted and even encouraged to promote their distinct ethnic-racial interests. The only people in the US who are not supposed to recognize their own group interests are European Americans.

White Americans are trained to believe that it is sinful to embrace a specifically white racial consciousness or promote explicit white ethnic-racial interests. This lack of an explicit white American racial consciousness has staggering long-term consequences.

In the concluding chapter of this well referenced, persuasively written work, the author writes:

“This book will have been a success if at least a few readers become open to the possibility that the following statements are true: People of all races generally prefer the company of people like themselves. Racial diversity is a source of conflict, not strength. Non-Whites, especially Blacks and Hispanics, nurture a strong sense of racial pride and solidarity. Whites have little sense of racial solidarity, and most Whites strongly condemn any signs of it. Immigration from non-European countries is changing the United States in profound ways, many of which Whites find disagreeable. To the extent that these statements are true, they have serious implications both for the country as a whole and for Whites as a group.”

Dr. Raymond Wolters, professor of history at the University of Delaware, praises this book:

“In this brilliant and wide-ranging survey of the relevant science and history, Jared Taylor shows that racial consciousness is intrinsic and that efforts to remake human nature are doomed to fail. He shows that in modern America, people of all races prefer the company of people of their own race; that racial diversity is more often a source of conflict than of strength; and that multiculturalism is changing the United States profoundly and to the detriment of most white people.”

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