The Camp of the Saints

Jean Raspail


Softcover book. 325 pages
ISBN: 978-1-881780-07-6 / 1881780074
Stock Number: 0136

In this internationally acclaimed novel a French writer presents a haunting and prophetic vision of the cataclysmic end of the white, Western world. As millions of starving Third World refugees pour into Europe, the native peoples -- conditioned by decades of "brotherhood" and "equality" propaganda -- are unable to resist. All Europe, and ul­timately the entire white world, is submerged in the human flood.

Astonishingly current. Baltimore Sun writer Linell Smith calls it "shocking and controversial … a macabre thriller … no reader will remain unaffected by the questions it raises about the future of the world." Dismissed by the New York Times magazine as a "racist diatribe." Praised by American Renaissance editor Jared Tay­lor as a "powerful, gripping novel" and a "call to all whites to rekindle their sense of race, love of culture and pride in histo­ry."

In the view of the Library Journal reviewer: “This is an apocalyptic novel, a philosophical dissection of the erosion of Western civilization … Rich and varied (and often discomforting ) imagery, symbolism, and points of view amplify the theme, relating it to such `lessons of the past’ as the Book of Revelation, Paradise Lost, and the fall of the Byzantine Empire. This book will succeed in shocking and challenging the complacent, contemporary mind.”

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