Hitler’s War

David Irving


Hardcover book. 1,005 pages

ISBN 10: 1872197108
ISBN 13: 9781872197104
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Completely updated and revised deluxe hardcover edition of an outstanding historian’s masterful, in-depth look at Adolf Hitler, Third Reich Germany and World War II.

With full color dust jacket, photos, source notes, and index.

A product of 25 years of dedicated research and unmatched scholarship, written in gripping, page-turning prose, this monumental work traces Hitler's entire epoch-making career, 1933-1945. (Incorporates The War Path, covering the prewar years.)

In this meticulously referenced work -- the crowning achievement in the career of the world's foremost independent historian -- Irving demolishes the familiar propaganda media image of Hitler and the Third Reich, tearing apart one historical fable after another.

Sumptuously illustrated with nearly 200 rare photographs, including scores of rare, unforgettable color photos.

Based on primary sources neglected by other historians, this has been a recommended reference work at West Point, at Sandhurst, and at universities around the world. "No praise can be too high for Irving's indefatigable scholarly industry," fellow British historian Hugh Trevor Roper (Lord Dacre) once wrote.

Alarmed above all by its taboo-defying treatment of the "final solution," powerful Jewish-Zionist groups mounted an international campaign, partially successful, to suppress this book and silence its author.

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