Watershed of Empire: Essays on New Deal Foreign Policy

Leonard Liggio & James J. Martin


Softcover book. 220 pages
ISBN: 0879260203
Stock Number: 0609

Knowledgeable specialists in history, politics, and economics take careful aim at the internationalist policies of President Franklin Roosevelt -- the foundation of US globalist, interventionist policy in the decades since.

First-rate examinations of the New Deal monetary system (by Murray Rothbard), the meddlesome "Good Neighbor Policy,” interventionist diplomacy elsewhere and empire-building at home, and more.

Includes these seven essays: “Roosevelt’s Options and Evasions in Foreign Policy Decisions, 1940-1945,” by William L. Neumann; “The Ideology of the Executive State: Legacy of Liberal Internationalism,” by Robert J. Bresler; “The New Deal and the International Monetary System,” by Murray N. Rothbard; “Power, Markets and Ideology: The Isolationist Response to Roosevelt Policy, 1940-1941,” by Justus D. Doenecke; “The Good Neighbor Policy: The Liberal Paradox in United States Relations With Latin America,” by Robert Freeman Smith; “New Deal Diplomacy: A View from the Seventies,” by Lloyd C. Gardner; “Robert A. Taft and American Foreign Policy, 1939-1945,” by James T. Patterson.

With a preface by Felix Morley, and an introduction by Leonard P. Liggio. Includes a name index and a subject index, and source references. With some wear and slight imperfections on the book’s spine.

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